Nigerian Dwarf Bucks

Almar Acres T Ghost Pepper *B

DOB: 02-22-17 Tattoo:  WOOL J1


Dam: GCH Almar Acres HS Miss Behaven *2M EEEE90

Sire: Minterbay SW Thunderstruck *B


Splashed buckskin; blue eyes

Almar Acres A Gelato *B

DOB: 01-22-19 Tattoo:  WOOL L5

Dam: Almar Acres O Chocolate Chip 3*M VVEE90

Sire: Dragonfly APT Aramus *B VVE87


Broken buckskin; Moonspots

E-Farms J River Rat

DOB: 07-26-19 Tattoo:  E3F L8

Dam: Almar Acres Ariel

Sire: Dill's RD Jester *B *S


Black; Swiss marked

Almar Acres SO Dance Monkey *B

DOB:  02-29-20  Tattoo:  WOOL M1

Dam:  SGCH Double Sundog GS Cattle Annie 1*M VEEE91

Sire:  Violet's Acre BA School's Out +VV84

Chamoise with minimal white

Full brother to the 2019 National Jr Champion 'Almar Acres Little Britches'!

Almar Acres A Ariat

DOB:  02-29-20  Tattoo:  WOOL M5

Dam:  Almar Acres Topaz

Sire:  Castle Rock Akikta +*B VVV87


Buckskin with minimal white; frosted ears and nose; Moonspots

*We do not offer our bucks for outside breeding services due to rising concerns of goat illnesses (viral, bacterial, and parasitical). Thank you for understanding these concerns to help ensure our herds health.