Reference Goats

C-Springs Bunnie Hop

C-Springs Bunnie Hop

DOB: 03-20-08 Tattoo: C8F Y3

Dam: C-Springs Molly Hogan 1*M

Sire: C-Springs PH Blue Crooner

Random brown and black roaning on white; blue eyes.

E-Farms PJ Fra Rosa

E-Farms PJ Fra Rosa 

DOB:  03-08-10  Tattoo:  E3F A4

Dam: C-Springs Bunnie Hop 

Sire: Capriola RB Pepper Jack

Broken ticked red buckskin; frosted ears; blue eyes.

Paris Blooms.PNG

Almar Acres A Paris Blooms 

DOB:  03-12-16  Tattoo:  WOOL H4

Dam: GCH Almar Acres HS Miss Behaven 2*M EEEE90  

Sire: Castle Rock Akikta +*B VVV87

Roaning buckskin

C-Springs Double Pancake

C-Springs Double Pancake 

DOB:  04-24-07  Tattoo:  

Dam: C-Springs Winter Heather  

Sire: QSF AR Ali

Broken gold


Capriola RB Pepper Jack 

DOB:  02-26-09  Tattoo:  

Dam: Mystiques Spirit of Isis Blue  

Sire: Camanna LK Royal Blue

Broken buckskin

C-Springs Mousse Ala Mode

C-Springs JC Mousse Ala Mode

DOB:  03-24-08  Tattoo:  

Dam: C-Springs Kalico Kittie  

Sire: QSF Japetto Chex

Broken buckskin

Proctor Hill Farm TKY Vex

Proctor Hill Farm TKY Vex

DOB: 05-23-11   Tattoo: SLR1 B25

Dam: J-Nels ER Delight  

Sire: Proctor Hill Farm BO Tekillya *S

Black and White

Almar Acres A Armani

Almar Acres A Armani *B

DOB: 03-06-17   Tattoo: WOOL J12

Dam: GCH Castle Rock Fire N Spice 4*M VEEE90  

Sire: Castle Rock Akikta *B VVV87

Broken chocolate

Dill's RD Jester *B

Dill's RD Jester *B *S

DOB: 04-01-13   Tattoo: EFD D83

Dam: Dill's D Kitten Kabootle 3*D/3*M VEEE90  

Sire: NC PromisedLand MS River Dance +*B

Swiss marked

Photo courtesy of Mighty Pine Acres




Almar Acres A Ariat

DOB: 2-29-20 Tattoo:  WOOL J5


Dam: Almar Acres Topaz

Sire: Castle Rock Akikta +*B VVV87


Buckskin with minimal white; frosted ears and nose; Moonspots


Honey Goat Snowy River

DOB: 3-10-10 Tattoo: JFMK A3

Dam: Sugar Creek MT Tressa

Sire: Honey Goat MT Carmel

Broken gold; blue eyes


Breeding History:

8/2/11 - 1 buck

4/10/12 - 1 doe; 1 buck

6/4/13 - 1 doe; 1 buck

5/13/14 - 2 does

5/15/15 - 1 doe; 1 buck

3/5/16 - 2 does; 1 buck

4/5/17 - 1 doe; 1 buck

3/16/18 - 2 bucks

3/29/19 - 1 doe

3/17/20 - 2 does; 1 buck

4/23/21 - 2 does